USA Lab Connect offers the most accurate, reliable, affordable, and cost-effective lab testing services in the Delray Beach, FL, area and nationwide!

Our staff and certified labs are committed to providing the most accurate results for DNA testing, urine and toxicology screening, pathology testing, and hair follicle drug testing. 

As your partner, we at USA Lab Connect, provide you with a nationwide service of state-of-the-art laboratories to provide fast and private, online access to all of your test results. Our network of laboratories across the nation assists physicians in providing personalized medicine and the most optimal care for their patients while also providing employers and other organizations with the drug screens they need for their hiring processes.

USA Lab Connect links clients of all sizes, from individual practitioners to complex healthcare organizations, directly to our nationwide network of certified pathology laboratories. Our highly professional and trained team provides diagnostic testing with exceptional speed and accuracy.

Our laboratory network assists doctors and specialists to diagnose a wide variety of health conditions and diseases  which makes acquiring the assistance of USA Lab Connect extremely vital to your patient’s healthcare team and treatment.

Accurate and fast test results are the solution in assessing and delivering proper diagnoses to begin the healing process for your patients and their families.

Our staff possesses extensive knowledge to give you the most accurate, reliable, and quickest results. We promise to stay in the lead in our industry by providing you with 24-hour screens and 48-hour confirmations on all testing procedures.

If you want fast, reliable, accurate and private results from an array of tests, USA Lab Connect is the place to partner with in the Delray, FL, area! Our staff at USA Lab Connect always complies with the HIPAA Act of 1996 and all of your facility files and information are kept completely confidential.

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